Best gaming headphones under 100

*BOOM* “Suck it, noob!”

That’s something you don’t want to hear when playing online because you were using a cheap headset. But you also don’t have $300 to drop on the latest Turtle Beach’s.

So let us help you get on top of your game while maximizing your budget, with the best gaming headphones under $100!

Unless you just like getting owned by kids around the world…

We’re going to go over the best gaming headphones around that all have different redeeming qualities, because we all want something a little different when it comes to the “best”. The standards we’ll be judging are comfort level, mic quality, durability, and of course sound quality.

Kingston Hyper X Cloud 2 (Most Comfortable Gaming Headphones)

Comfort is a big thing when it comes to the best gaming headphones, especially if you’re about to drop close to $100 on them. You don’t want to feel like you’re head’s in a vice while you’re playing, and you also don’t want to feel like you’ve got the weight of the world on your head.

And if you sweat at all while you’re gaming (we’ve all been there, no judgement), the last thing you want is slick leather on the side of your face making the headphones slip.

All of this is why we recommend the Kingston Hyper X Cloud 2 for the most comfortable gaming headphones for under $100.

One of the top selling points on comfort for these gaming headphones is that they’re only 9.6 ounces, but also have 53mm drivers with decent mic quality.

That’s insane!

Speaking of the mic -pun intended- one of the coolest features about these headphones is that the mic is detachable. So if you want to remove the urge to light someone’s ear up, just take the mic away and put it back when you’re ready to let ‘em have it!

If you’re buying this from the manuafacturer, instead of some feaux company across the pond, then you’ll also get a crazy amount of extra product with these. Like extra ear cups with a different material, and loads of extra nylon cord.

We would however like to see something with this amazing of quality be offered as a wireless headset, but for under $100 it’s not a bad option at all.

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Pros- Most Comfortable, Lightweight, Extra Equipment (multiple ear cups/materials), Sound Quality.

Cons- Not Wireless, Not PC Friendly (cable length), mic can be a bit buggy

Razer Kraken Pro V2 (Highest Mic Quality)

If you’re a trash talker who wants to make sure people heard you correctly when you cut them with words, then this your headset.

The Razer Kraken is also one of the most durable headsets out there with a unibody aluminum frame that allows you to bend and twist these headphones in almost any direction without breaking them! So when your trash talking backfires and you want to wring someone’s neck, just wring these instead. 😉

And just like with the Kingston Hyper X Cloud 2s, the Razer Kraken’s have 50mm audio drivers that are custom tuned for balanced in-game and audio frequencies. Also you’ll enjoy the interchangeable ear pads that will provide a fit that you enjoy.

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One of the best parts is that they’re almost as lightweight as the previous headphones. At 12 ounces they’re still less than one pound, which means that you’ll be able to game longer and more comfortably. These headphones have certainly over delivered for still being under $100.

The coolest feature about these gaming headphones is that they have a unidirectional microphone that is also retractable! The manufacturer says that this microphone offers absolute clarity when coordinating with teammates in play.

Even though this mic is retractable, it’s also flexible so that you can adjust it to how near or far you want it away from your face.

Pros- The oval ear cups make it a very comfortable fit, 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound delivers what is promised, Surprisingly good performance with complex sound arrangements in music

Cons- Microphone cable feels a little fragile when pushing in and pulling it from the mic slot, Very poor chroma features, ear cups don’t swivel

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO (Best Price)

A turtle beach headset had to land on the list to the best gaming headphones under $100, but it’s honestly a bit of a surprise. Mostly because the Turtle Beach brand has a reputation for being a bit over priced. I guess after dominating for so long, and creating some competition for themselves they had to get a bit more realistic with their prices.

So you could say this is Turtle Beach’s “economy” headphones 😉

Economy or not though, these headphones live up to the Turtle Beach reputation! The design is pretty stellar, with plush over ear cups, a padded inner head band, the logo of course, and a sneaky little mic that we’ll talk about in a second. They did a good job for sure.

So how do they perform?

Well in my experience with games that have necessary background noise, like Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, and Titan Fall you need to be able to isolate the action sounds from the background noise. Like when you hear guns and grenades going off about 10 yards away, you still need to hear footsteps as they creep towards you to avoid a knife.

The bass boost feature comes in clutch for these situations for sure. And if you need to adjust it to how much is acceptable for you, Turtle Beach went ahead and hooked you up with a dial instead of an on/off switch! Boooooom

Now can we talk about the mic for a minute… This tricky little thing went and combined your usual flip up flip down mic with the bendable wire mic that’s fixed in one position, and created this super cool hybrid always handy mic!

Also with the mic you have a handy button to mute the haters with. You know, the ones you’re destroying constantly 😉

All in all these are a pretty good value for a well known and reliable brand of headphones. You’re paying under $100 so don’t expect them to be the best pair you’ll ever own, but these are pretty darn good. You can use these headphones for gaming, music, and skype calls, so you shouldn’t need to spend more money on other headphones when you have these.

Pros- Sweet mic! Adjustable Bass Boost Feature, Quality Brand That’s Affordably Priced

Cons- Feels a bit rigid when you wear it, Can squeeze a bit tighter on the side with the mic, USB connection


There you have it. You’ve got 3 choices here for a pair of the best gaming headphones under $100, and now it’s up to you to make a decision. Either way you won’t be terribly disapointed with any of these choices.

Always remember though, you’re paying less than $100 for equipment that’s usually got the good stuff in a higher price range. So don’t cry to us or the company if these don’t beat the $500 pair you broke that you got for Christmas. Just sayin’...

Cory H.

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