From DIY to hifi- The best headphone stands

Did you really buy a $200+ pair of headphones to just throw them on your desk?

Let’s have a little more respect for these cans, folks.

After all, they’ve treated your ears pretty nice, so the least you could do is prevent them from having coffee spilled on them, or have someone drop a book or two on them.

And whether you want to DIY your best headphone stand or get a stand that’s just as hifi as your headphones, we’ve done the research to find the best for you!

Wood Headphone Stands

If you’ve got a nice pair of closed back wooden headphones, there’s no better way to make them look even better than by getting a matching headphone stand to go with them! These stands come in different finishes, and the shape helps support the natural shape of the headphones to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Qadira Wooden Headphones Stand

Solid Walnut Heirloom Wooden Omega Headphones Stand

Headnest Wooden Headphone Stand

Hifi Headphone Stands

If you want a headphone stand that’s just as legit as your headphones, then these are what you’ve been waiting on. The modern designs that Sennheiser puts into their headphones has overflowed to their slick design of a headphone stand. For the listener that has an image to keep up ;).

Razer Headphone Stand

SilverStone Technology EBA01B Aluminum Hi-Fi Audio Premium Headphone Stand

DIY Headphone Stands

YouTube is the place to go for projects like this, as I would probably lead you to remove a few of your digits if I tried to tell you how to DIY a headphone stand. So I’ll let the handy men and ladies take it from here. They do make a nifty place to rest your Beats though!

Cory H.

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