Best Neckband Headphones

Best Neckband Headphones

Remember those neckband headphones that looked like a futuristic prison collar?

Well they’re getting even more popular!

So that’s what we want to do, we want to find the value in these odd versions of headphones and see what’s so great about them.

And just to make it clear, we don’t have anything against these headphones, they just looked pretty…different, when they came out. Clearly there are people who enjoy these headphones and find tremendous value in them.

At the same time we want to help you figure out which of these neckband headphones would be the best fit for you!

Quick List of What We'll Be Looking At

Why are they STILL so popular??

The rapid growth in popularity of these headphones wasn’t by accident at all. To give the product an initial shove into the market for visibility and word of mouth advertising, companies would work with AT&T to make these neckband headphones available to customers for almost free.

They did this in the same way you get other “free” stuff when you trade in a phone. Your phone’s value is higher than what you’re getting, so you get to pick some stuff off the wall!

Otter Box did this and so did the first companies promoting these headphones. And it worked to fantastic success! People got a deal, told their friends, the company got advertising and product promotion, and sales have been going up ever since! source

Pros of the neckband over other headphones

But there has to be an upside to these things, right? It’s not like just because you gave these things away they become forever popular.

So what makes them so great?

No more tangled wires

One of the greatest causes for aggravation from headphone users who prefer quality music vs. the convenience of wireless audio, is the hassle of wires! Neckband headphones don't give you enough length in the cord to even make this close to a problem. 

You're granted a few inches to get the earbuds to your ears, and after that there's nothing left.

So no more nightmarish head jerks when you catch your cord on the handle of a door...

Longer battery life

With the larger body of the neckband, you're able to get a larger battery to fit compared to having two smaller batteries in headphones or earbuds. 

Noise cancelation due to bigger space to work in

With the larger body of the neckband you're also able to get a few more features in, like noise cancelation. So there's another benefit for the neckband 🙂


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