Best Waterproof Headphones For Swimming

Best Waterproof Headphones For Swimming & General Fitness

“I just want to swim with my music, not the mess that’s blaring over the speakers”. Or “I want a freaking pair of headphones I can’t sweat through!”

Is it too much to ask for some quality waterproof headphones??

Nope. Which is why there are plenty of companies willing to help you scratch that itch, and we’re here to help you sort through the noise (pun intended) to find the right QUALITY TESTED pair of headphones for you!

Whether you’re wanting a pair of headphones that can stand up to your superior ability to produce sweat, or you want some headphones that are completely waterproof to swim with, we’ve done the leg work for you.

Quick List of What We'll Be Looking At

Waterproof Headphones For Swimming

Before we get started, here’s a heads up for those who don’t know much about headphones and Bluetooth stuff.

You’ll want to avoid Bluetooth headphones for swimming, just because most of the maximum ranges for Bluetooth devices, while still preserving quality, is around 30 feet.

So if you decide to do an open water swim, or swim laps in a Olympic pool, then get used to reconnecting your headphones every lap.

Which is why for the best waterproof headphones for swimming, we’re only going to look at headphones that are either wired or have a receiver/mp3 player that you keep on your person.

Bone Conduction VS In Ear For Swimming Headphones

I actually have damage to one of my ear drums that was caused early in my life, but the bones that conduct sound to be used by my ear drums are just fine. So for me personally bone conduction headphones are a fantastic for swimming or just regular headphones.

Also bone conduction headphones are still in their infancy, unfortunately. There’s not a whole lot of great options on the market for truly reliable bone conduction headphones for swimming.

However, if you’re in the overwhelming majority who didn’t have something like a hearing impairment happen to you as a kid(I was a fringe case, I know), then ear buds are better all around. They deliver a more isolated sound, and are easier to manage if you need to take them off. But if one falls out things get pretty awkward while you’re swimming.

Best Waterproof headphones for swimming

Underwater Audio- Water Proof Headphones


While there’s no official depth test advertised with these specific headphones, the fact that so many swimmers choose them supports the assumption that they’re good for at least 3 feet. If you go any deeper than that you’re certainly pushing your luck.


Since these are in-ear headphones you’ll get a much clearer and isolated sound than bone conduction headphones. And you’ll have the added benefit of some bangin’ bass in your ears!

If you’re into that kind of thing 😉


These clip onto your goggles or shirt collar. You don’t really have much of a choice in that area since the actual cord for the headphones are less than 12”. If you are like me though and have ears that don’t take to ear buds well, then bone conduction might be the best bet. Because even though these are touted as the highest quality ear buds that could be used by swimmers, they can still come out from time to time.

And you don’t want to stop in the middle of the lane to fix your ear buds, or swim with one of these guys just flailing around and tugging your head.

Waterproof/Sweat proof Headphones

Now waterproof or sweat proof headphones are a little less limiting, obviously because you’re not submerging the mp3 player and headphones completely. Rather you might just be a sweaty athlete, or someone who got caught in the rain.

Either way there are some great options for you 😉

Waterproof Bluetooth headphones

Edelin Sweat proof Headphones

The options are a bit more wide open for general waterproof Bluetooth headphones, thankfully. And the fact that there are so many companies out there making this product means that you’ll benefit from their competitive pricing! Jaybird is no longer the only option when it comes to waterproof Bluetooth headphones.

Battery life-

Of course with Bluetooth headphones you’re music listening is limited by the amount of charge the headphones can hold. The Edelin’s have set the bar pretty high in this area with their 240 hours worth of battery life! That’s unheard of in this industry! (hope you caught that pun)

Sound quality-

These Bluetooth headphones do offer passive noise cancelation, which means that the only noise cancelation comes from what’s blocking sound from entering your ear. Whereas active noise cancelation is what most people crave, which is where the headphones receive the sound from the outside environment and play it back at the opposite frequency that cancels out the noise. source

The isolation offered by these headphones is pretty spot on. Bass comes in clear and not distorted if the volume is correct, and the highs are smooth enough to pay close to $30 for, but not much more. You’re not going to impress an audiophile with these things, but for the average gym goer or runner they are a fantastic option for their price.


The ear hooks could use a bit more work. Unless you have massive ears these headphones have a tendency to fall around a bit. But since they are in-ear that’s not to big of a problem.

It just feels a bit weird when you put them in and the over ear band feels like it’s floating just above your ear… If you can get past that then these might be perfect for you. Or maybe the ears used to test these are just tiny, either way, you decide 😉

Cory H.

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