Star Wars Headphones

With the revitalization of our beloved intergalactic heroes, some audiophiles want to incorporate their two passions, music and Star Wars! Whether you’re on the dark side of the force or a grey jedi (special wink to the dedicated folks who know what that is 😉 ), there are some awesome star wars headphones for you.

There are a few companies leading the charge for these music producing icons.

Well there’s a few that are actually doing it well, we should say....

So pick a side, and let’s mash hyperspeed into a galaxy far far away!

Quick List of What We'll Be Looking At

SMS Star Wars Headphones

SMS has done the best job so far of combining a nostalgic brand with audiophile chubby of some kind. It just makes sense on both ends when you put these headphones on!


From the box to these on ear headphones themselves, SMS made sure you know what you’re getting. The box is customized to fit what style of star wars headphones you ordered (Storm trooper, rebel alliance, galactic empire, and the fringe case boba fett [UPDATE] more have been added).

The hardshell carrying case that comes with the headphones also has star wars branding, and finally the sound button that you’ll use to control volume and calls drives the star wars brand home one final time!

As for the build of the headphones, you won’t break these by bending and twisting away. But if you drop them or put them in the bottom of your gym bag they’re probably going to be toast.

We would have loved to see these with bluetooth, especially for the price you’re paying, but the sound quality mixed with the branding makes it worth it.

Sound Quality

Speaking of sound quality...This is where SMS went above and beyond! They avoided the trend of style/fashion headphones becoming bass fiends, and instead delivered a fantastic low end thump that doesn’t sound too boosted or too flat. The higher bass frequencies are saved due to this attention to detail. No muddy bass up in here!

The mids and highs are also given the same attention to detail, not dull compared to the bass, and also avoiding the disco smile that traps other style focused headphones. source

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