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We've gone a bit niche this time, at reader requests. We're going to be looking at an expert on GAMING HEADPHONES.

This genre of headphones is a special beast in itself, as you'll see. We talked with the owner of Branton. PC Game Haven is still a relatively new site focused on providing awesome PC gaming related content. Thousands of gamers are currently using one of their tailored gaming PC builds and you could be the next!​

Please enjoy the interview!​

Q. What separates gaming headphones from other "general listening" headphones?

A.) The primary difference between a gaming headset and a pair of audiophile headphones, or general listening headphones, is the attached microphone. All gaming headsets will have either a removable mic or one that's permanently fixed. General listening headphones will almost never have an associated mic, I say almost because some do include a built-in mic. Personally, I try to differentiate between the two by keeping the terms "headphones" reserved for units without a mic, and "headsets" for those with one.

Q. Is Turtle Beach really worth it, or is it just the brand recognition that draws people?

A.) Some of Turtle Beach's headsets are great and definitely worth it, but then you have some of their more expensive headsets that are hard to justify. I mean, if you're looking for a wireless headset then they're often one of the better go-to choices, but if you want to put sound quality first and connectivity second then there are definitely other options to consider.

I think a lot of what draws people in is brand recognition for sure, similar to Razer, but the bulk of their headsets are getting mostly positive reviews pretty well anywhere you look and have been forever. So I guess it comes down to both brand recognition and that they know what they're doing when it comes to putting together decent gaming headsets. A lot of people don't know this, but Turtle Beach has been making audio equipment in one facet or another since the late-80s, so it's safe to say they have plenty of experience and a proven track record to back it up.

Q. If you had an unlimited budget for gaming headphones, what's the first pair you would buy, and why?

A.) That's actually somewhat of a tough question. As far as just gaming headsets go, I probably wouldn't end up with anything crazier than Creative's H7 Tournament Edition or Kingston's HyperX Cloud II for the simple reason that they offer wide enough soundstages to get an edge in FPS games and the mics they come with are well above average quality. Or, who knows, in that situation I might end up with a pair of Beyerdynamic's 2nd gen T1 powered by a Beyerdynamic A20 amp and then probably an Audio-Technica AT2020 mic to top things off instead. Like I said, it's a tough question.

Cory H.

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