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You guys asked, and we tracked down the expert to answer the questions!

This time we got in touch with Matt from Matt was great to chat with, and was very candid with his answers. To the point where if he didn't know the best answer to one of the questions, he admitted he didn't know, which is much better than trying to blow smoke. So a huuuuge thank you to Matt and the team!

Matt's site is a review and information site for all things headphone/iem audio. If you want to know the best headphones to wear for sports, best headphones for a budget, or any other question like that, the team that Matt has will help you out.​

Q: What's the best price point for new audio enthusiast to start with for headphones?

I'd say anywhere from $100-$200 is where entry audiophile headphones start. Which is not little money, especially when you want to buy a couple pairs like these every year. And once you have a couple "cheaper" models you will start looking after those $500+ 🙂

Q: Is sound engineering/mixing something beginners should look at?

I don't know. I guess you always have to start as a beginner and if something interests you you will do a lot of it. With time you won't be a beginner anymore.

Q: What are the top resources that got you to where you are in your audio knowledge? Outside of college, of course.

I really like the forum. Lots of good content there but you have to know who knows what they're talking about, and who's just full of it. Apart from head-fi, that I visit regularly, I don't have any other specific sources. Usually you make a Google search and find small pieces of great stuff.

I think it all comes down to experience. Once you listen to a couple high-end headphones and audio system, at audio shows for example, you get to notice the differences. Then you're always looking for that next perfect thing that will blow your mind even more.

And there it is, another great set of answers from a well known site in our space!

Be sure to check them out at if you have any questions about which headphones to get.​

Cory H.

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