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We have the great privilege of getting some answers to you guy's most upvoted questions, and from the one and only,!

Hifiman has come out with some of the greatest listening equipment on the market! They've been featured in publications like Wired,​ TIME, Forbes, and many others. So the quality and knowledge of audio from Hifi man is second to none!

It was so great to interact with these guys. They were open to hearing me out, and even found an incredibly knowledgable guy to answer these questions.​ So big thank you to hifiman!

And here are the questions and answers.​

Q: How can you boost the volume of your stock headphones?

Well that depends what you mean by stock headphones. I would say if you are finding that you can't get enough volume out of your player, then your using the wrong things or your listening waaaaaaaaaaaay too loud. But....... lets say you have a moderately hard to drive headphone like the HE400i and your phone cant drive it loud. you have two options.

1 buy a portable amplifier, there are lots out there and some are really small too.

2 buy a real player where the audio is the priority (that means not your phone) something like our little Super or Megamini's there are many others out there too, but real DAP's (Digital Audio Player's) are probably your first step towards a proper audio setup.

Q: If you're buying headphones for listening only, what "extras/features" can you pass on to conserve cash?

Well for listening to what and where? If cash is tight and you can listen somewhere alone, then an easy way to get a better audio quality is get an open pair of headphones. They don't block out anything but you get better audio for the same price points.

Also, skip your mainstream brands, ones you'll find in big mass market stores you're paying for a lot of marketing over substance most of the time.

Don't buy anything because of its looks, or its name and if its endorsed by a sports star, run from it. If you want to get the best audio you can for your money, it means you'll need to spend some time looking into things and the best place is likely

The other thing to skip is wireless. A cheap wireless set means that most of the money spend is going on internal battery, dac, amp and everything else. A cable is vastly cheaper and works better.

Q: What is output impedance?

Do you mean the impedance of a headphone? The impedance is just the electrical resistivity of the headphone.

It's a science thing.

What it generally means is, the higher the impedance that more work it is for your amp / player to drive them.

Low impedance things are as a rule easy to drive so should be fine out of a phone. Things with a high impedance mean harder so you more likely need a proper amp or player to make them be their best.

There you have it guys! If you have any other questions you'd like answered, please drop them in the comments below.

Cory H.

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