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The sound LITERALLY felt like it was behind me!

This is the effect you get with the enhanced 3d audio tech of Ossic headphones.

If you're keeping up with the latest up and coming tech in the headphone space, you've probably heard a lot of buzz about this company! Ossic is pioneering professional 3d audio for every day listeners, gamers, and movie fanatics.

Imagine hearing the same thing these stars were hearing on set when they made transformers. ​Hearing the thuds grow louder behind you as Optimus Prime lunges on screen, and the audio position transitions with him to the front. The tech behind these headphones is INSANE!!

And we were blessed enough to have the most in depth answers to the​ questions people have been dying to ask. So take a minute from work to prepare yourself for the future of audio!

Q: Can you explain the 3d audio technology your headphones use?

There are actually a number of technologies integrated into the OSSIC X that form the OSSIC X 3D audio technology. These technologies are all developed by OSSIC and each one contributes to the product immensely. The Headphones themselves have sensors onboard to allow for calibration to your individual anatomy - this is incredibly important to delivering accurate 3D imaging with audio.

Factoring in the size of the listener’s head and the shape of the listener’s ear allows us to inform the software algorithms we have developed so that you have a personalized listening experience without any strange calibration steps or needing to have recordings of your head data to input into any experience you want to play!

In addition to this, there is an onboard head tracker, which allows for listeners to choose to “lock” the content they are listening to in place and turn their head through the scene.

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This feature augments the experience of listening to traditional media like music and movies immensely, and enables you, for example, to ‘lock’ the soundtrack of a movie to your screen and turn your head to help localize where the sounds are coming from in the surround mix.All of this sound is delivered over a multi-driver array in each ear cup.

There are 4 drivers in each cup, allowing our 3D audio algorithms to literally move the sound your hear around your head. This physical element is what really makes the OSSIC X different to both other headphones on the market, and other 3D audio processing on the market.

Q: What cutting edge tech is making it's way into your everyday users headphones?

Literally of the technology in the OSSIC X is cutting edge technology. OSSIC is developing the most advanced set of headphones in the world and they are developing them for the everyday user that wants to experience the future of audio.

Q: What makes your brand different? What are the values/problems solved by these headphones?

The problem with most 3D audio processing is that it’s based of research and often even measurements that were developed years ago and are can be based off generalized forms called ‘dummy heads’.

These forms are made to look like an ‘average’ human head and torso and are made of materials that behave in a similar way to the human body (in terms of acoustic properties).

The challenge when basing algorithms and processing off generalized data or forms is that the resulting 3D image isn’t accurate for anyone (because it’s not based off your anatomy, which is intrinsically different to anyone else’s).

The X includes sensors to Calibrate to your individual anatomy so that the algorithms we have developed are suited to you and your individual anatomy.

This means that you’ll be able to localise sounds in the content that you listen to more accurately and leads to a more immersive experience all around.The X is also a highly adaptable headphone that can work with many traditional formats of audio (stereo, 5.1 and 7.1) as well as new formats such as object-based mixes and ambisonics.

If you follow the news about what’s happening in VR audio you’ll know what these formats mean and you’ll know how tricky it is to get high quality playback of these formats. In some ways, this is a challenge that is waiting to be discovered by the mass market (which means your readers will be excited to find the solution when they need it).

Q: How are your headphones pioneering a place in VR (virtual reality)?

There is nothing quite like the OSSIC X available today - the unique combination of features and the impressive hardware and software technology will be a pioneer for all mediums and media types when we launch them.

For VR especially, where the visual technology is limited by the field of vision of the headsets available (most are 90-120 degrees, when your eyes can see up to 115 degrees plus an extra 40 degrees of peripheral), there needs to be a way to deliver the rest of scene in an immersive and convincing way.

There also needs to be tools for content creators and developers to alert the player about what’s happening in the world around them, and ways for them to audition and develop on a platform that guarantees their listeners the most consistent and most immersive experience possible.

This is why we’ve developed the X and why OSSIC is so committed to developing products that deliver the most advanced 3D audio technology possible to all listeners.

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