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We've got a real treat today in the form of a great conversation I got to have with Abhishek, owner of

Abhishek's site is focused on reviewing the best of the best headphones, primarily on Amazon, and benefiting the reader with amazing buying guides. His slogan "Life is too short to music via bad headphones" rings true throughout his site. 

He's done a great job of evaluating the best of the best when it comes to headphone audio. And in these few questions he shares a bit of his knowledge with us to answer some of the readers questions about things like soundstage, amps, and whether or not to worry about the brand of the headphone.

Please enjoy!

Q: How important is "soundstage" quality for everyday headphones?

Everyday headphones/earbuds have evolved a lot and have many features in them; derived from high end headphones/earbuds.

However in everyday use; where listening to music is just a way to 'not get bored during commute', then you don't need headphones/earbuds with great soundstage because you'd be too busy to even feel it completely or notice the small litte nuances.

Moreover the ambient noise around kind of affects how you perceive the soundstage.

Headphones with great soundstage are necessary while you're at home and when your main motive is to listen to music only.

Q: When is it acceptable to purchase an amp for your headphones?

External amp is not a basic requirement if you're primarily ok with listening to music with cheap or budget headphones/earbuds on your smartphone.

However when you scale up things and buy headphones in the hifi/audiophile/premium range, it's only then you need an amp to unlock the headphone's full potential.

Q: Does the brand matter?

Usually the headphones/earbuds I suggest are from small and not-so-known manufacturers because they offer value for money products.

However to be on a safer side if you're not very familiar with headphones/earbuds. Buying from a known brand is an optimal choice but sometimes even reputable brands too manufacture worthless products and never known brands too develop one-of-a-kind products.

Still I'd suggest to read professional and customer reviews before making any purchase.

Cory H.

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