Google’s New Wireless Headphones To Beat The Dash & Airpods??

What's that you say, Google's making their own wireless headphones?

Yup, that's what they've implied with their latest info leak on the Pixel 2!

Of course it's not guaranteed that these will happen, but come on, if you're Google and Apple released their own wireless headphones, what would you do?

Counter with another set of same-old-same-old wired headphones?​

I think not! We have more faith in the Google lords than that.​

Evidence of potential wireless google headphones

The good ol' info scrapers at 9to5google searched through the code of the Google 7.10 app to find suggestions of Google's new project. This project was codenamed BISTO, and bisto implies that the new tech will be smart and have audio functions...sold.

In this code of the Google 7.10 app the code actually reads “Your headphones have the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help,”.

The code also suggests that the device will have the activation features similar to the iphone, instead you'll press the left ear device, and hold, to begin your interaction with the ai.

But what does this have to do with the Pixel 2?

This last info leak almost confirms what we hope and wish for so bad, and that's that the Pixel 2 will ship without headphone jacks. 

I remember another company doing this when they revealed their wireless earbuds, but I can't seem to remember the.... was it pear...avacado...pinapple...oh yea, APPLE! We all know that Google and Apple are pretty good at sharing, so in my opinion this is great evidence that the competition for wireless earbuds just got bigger!

Which means we can hopefully expect lower priced tech like this!​

Cory H.

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